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This has been such a helpful tool! VeggieCropper has made planning and managing this farm season so much easier.

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  • Easily create sales projections and auto-generate your crop plan.
  • Minimize wasted time and money. Grow what you need, when you need it.
  • Keep track of all the little things with Notes.
  • Quickly duplicate Seasons, Crops and Plantings to make data entry easy.

Where does it all go?

  • Complicated crop rotations with hundreds of plantings? No problem.
  • Simply assign planting to your fields and visualize it with your Timeline Map.
  • Easily see when fields are ready to be seeded or sown to cover crops.
  • Locations automatically get assigned to all your tasks so you and your crew will know what to do and when.

Take the guesswork out of your seed and supply ordering.

  • Don't get stuck with too many or worse, not enough seeds.
  • Seed amounts are instantly calulated based on your crop plan. Computers love this kind of work so let's let them have the fun.
  • From row cover to compost and soil ammendments, the built-in supply calculator will easily assess all your crop input needs.

Small farms deserve big-time savings!

  • Get organized in a hurry with Tasks.
  • VeggieCropper generates a weekly task list so you and your crew never miss a beet.
  • Make you & your certifier happy. Compile records of every task completed on your farm, when and by whom with just a click.

Because the work doesn't end at planting time.

  • VeggieCropper helps you harvest, track and sell all of your produce.
  • Juggle multiple Farmers' Markets, CSAs and wholesale orders with ease.
  • Connect VeggieCropper to multiple sales platforms including Shopify, Local Food Marketplace and Local Line.
  • Harvest & Pack Lists to help you and your crew stay organized for any sized farm.
  • Easy to use online order forms you and your customers will love.
  • Quickly organize harvest day.

Give more responsibility & accountability to your crew.

  • Assign tasks to individuals & personal task lists.
  • Know who completed what and when.
  • Give planned times and record actual times.
  • Record details in a snap with field notes.
  • Create procedures & SOPs for all your farm's tasks.
  • Cut task delegation and communication time by 90% and get everyone on the same page.

Want to know more?

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We are serious about helping vegetable growers, flower farmers and market gardeners succeed.


  • Ditch complicated spreadsheets
  • Create sales projections and generate your crop plan
  • Flexible field mapping
  • Automatically calculate your seed order
  • Built-in supply calculators
  • Multiple seasons & season duplication
  • Export detailed planting and greenhouse schedules
  • Excellent help docs & support

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  • Everything in CROP PLANNER +
  • Interactive planting and task lists, for you and your crew
  • Automated recordkeeping
  • Simple filterable lists to put data at your fingertips
  • Assign tasks to crew members
  • Field and crew notes
  • Track planned and actual task times
  • Task protocols/SOPs
  • Unlimited crew & manager accounts

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  • Everything in CROP PLANNER +
  • Interactive harvest and pack lists, so you never miss a beet!
  • Automated recordkeeping
  • Simple filterable lists
  • Assign harvest & packs to crew members
  • Field and crew notes
  • Track harvest & pack times
  • Harvest Protocols/SOPs
  • Easy to use online order forms
  • Import sales from any platform
  • Unlimited crew & manager accounts

  • $25.00

      / mo
    * US dollars
    Try it FREE for 15 days