Small farming is big work.

Multiple crops, hundreds of plantings, countless varieties and a never-ending to-do list. VeggieCropper is here to help you take control of your farm.

VeggieCropper is crop planning, task & harvest management software for vegetable growers, flower farmers and market gardeners, helping you stay on top of everything and keep the harvests rolling out the farm gate.

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Large farm or small, VeggieCropper offers easy crop planning with unlimited seasons, crops, plantings and varieties.

Create sales projections and generate your crop plan with a couple clicks!


Get all those details out of your head and take control of your farm.

VeggieCropper will generate your planting and greenhouse schedules, field tasks and more!


Harvests & Orders are a breeze with real-time harvest, pack and sales tracking.

VeggieCropper makes it easier than ever to manage multiple sales outlets!

Built by farmers
like you.

VeggieCropper began as a series of spreadsheets for everything from making planting schedules to tracking harvests on a market garden. Eventually, those spreadsheets got too big, slow, hard to use and error prone. We knew that there had to be a better way, so we built VeggieCropper!

VeggieCropper works for every size of market garden, vegetable or cut-flower farm while remaining powerful, customizable and easy to use. That took a while, but we think it was worth it!

VeggieCropper offers the best and most refined features to make vegetable farming easier, more fun and profitable.

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