A small independent company rooted in the earth

We originally built VeggieCropper to help Evan's farm become more efficient and better manage harvests, markets and crew. It worked better than we imagined, so we just kept building, adapting and refining it over time.

VeggieCropper has changed a lot since its humble beginnings. It's now easier to use than ever, with more practical features that help farmers save time, and grow more, better food.  

If you can't tell, we are super excited to share VeggieCropper with you.  

- Harris & Evan

Here's a little bit about us...

Harris Ivens

Farmer + Teacher + Scientist

Harris recently completed a master's degree in biology, comparing plant and soil microbial responses to changes in water and nutrient availability.

He is a past faculty member of the Sustainable Agriculture Program at Fleming College and provides farm business, biological soil and plant management consulting. Harris has managed, worked and volunteered for numerous vegetable farms over the past ten years.

Evan Quigley

Farmer + Programmer + Artist

After studying art at NSCAD in Halifax, Evan worked in the Toronto restaurant scene and painted before starting The Kitchen Garden farm in Eastern Ontario in 2009.

The farm grew quickly from humble beginnings into a profitable and efficient market garden. An experimenter and craftsman, Evan bought and built everything that might work to find the best fit for his farm systems resulting in a low-tech and practical farm business model. VeggieCropper has played a huge role in crop planning, refining production systems and streamlining washing & packing.

Find out more about Evan's farm and his market garden consultant services at www.thekitchengarden.ca